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OEM / web service

Apply TeamLink workflow technology to other WEB applications. In this way you can easily build work processes into other solutions.

It is a simple task to adapt and configure the processes.

Overview - Workflow as OEM/Webservice, HR processes etc.
More and more companies are dependant on communicating with their customers using some sort of web-application, making access easy. The TeamLink workflow system is very well suited to support such processes, where the involved parties needs to know how a given process is developing, who has done what and secure, that manuals and similar information is updated.

HR processess (inhouse or outsourced), where a given process must be followed and monitored easily is another example; more specifically this could involve employing new staff, appraisal processes and salary review.
TeamLink can operate as an "engine" controlling the work processes in the background, while the user interface is entirely in another web-application. It is also possible to use TeamLink's user interface for all or for some functions.

As an example the actual processing of tasks could be in an other web applications user interface, while the configuration and maintenance of workflow takes place in the TeamLink user interface.