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Other workflows

Improve the quality and effeciency of work processes that involve more persons.

Maintain full overview, even when the processes are carried out over several locations.

Overview - TeamLink workflows
In order to execute a work process with a TeamLink Workflow you first need to describe the process. A good way of doing this is by means of so-called swim lanes. Each lane represents a certain "role" in the process. Typical roles are: HR, Finance, Purchase, Manager, Sales representative, Supplier, etc.

Each box is a workflow element and describes a decision or a task. This could be approval of a contract or invoice or a simple Yes/No decision. It could also be to write a draft or to contact a supplier.

The lines between the boxes shows how the responsibility for the next step in the process moves from one workflow element to the next. Each workflow element can have several options for branching out to other workflow elements.