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QA workflow

Transform the processes of the Quality Manual into guidance and control.

The processes now connect directly to the execution.

Results and deviations are easily monitored.

Overview - QA Workflow Processes

Many organisations spend significant resources on defining and documenting procedures and instructions in a Quality manual. The result is published in a book or in digital form on an Intranet.

Unfortunately, the task of getting the organisation to actively use the procedures is often quite difficult and sometimes proves to be even impossible. TeamLink offers a solution to this problem.

Procedures and instructions for work processes can easily be created and maintained in the TeamLink system. This converts them to active and dynamic guidance and information.

A process in the TeamLink system can carry all types of electronic documents, and is possible to integrate to other IT applications such as ERP-systems and e-mail.

The employees are guided through the processes while all steps are recorded automatically. An overview list clearly indicates to the individual which tasks he/she should do next, and it is easy to prompt others for an action or a decision.

Once someone has completed a task, the next individual in the process automatically receives a task to be done. And when the process is complete, it is automatically stored in the electronic archive.