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Invoice processing

Save time and money. Touch the actual invoice only once. Then approve and comment from the web interface.

Fully integrated to the finance system

Handles ordinary cost invoices as well as invoices against purchase orders - including order linies.

Invoice Processing - Overview
1: The Invoice is scanned. The system handles single-page as well as multi-page invoices.

2A: The scanned invoice information is converted. The data can be entered manually by means of a TeamLink utillity program, where the invoice image appears to the left hand side of the screen. Alternatively the conversion can be done fully automatic eliminating the need for typing data.

2B: The scanning process is not required If you receive XML formatted, text-file or similar invoices.

3: By a WEB-interface the invoice is now dispatched for approval at one or more levels. During this process you can comment, assign accounts, distribute cost over more departments and other dimensions. The system will also handle the credit-note process. The end result is posting lines ready for posting in your finance-system. All that remains is the actual payment.